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Latest News27th of February 2018

Look up, look down, for the injury in the middle!

More evidence, if you needed it, of just how important it is to consider previous, even old injury as a contributor to new injury in a different location.

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Latest News11th of February 2018

Pronation.. there might be life in the old girl yet!

This is worth a read in the context of the current 'pronation is dead' debate!

Articles8th of February 2018

Musculoskeletal injuries and Children. Important new information.

This just-released article provides some really important new information on the epidemiology of MSK injury in children.

Articles2nd of February 2018

KT tape settles lawsuit claim

Kinesio tape or KT tape was developed by a Japanese chiropractor more than 30 years ago. The adhesive strapping is designed to provide muscle and joint support without restricting movement. Fairly extravagant claims have historically been made for its efficacy, and great controversy continues to dog the product, with scant evidence it actually works.

Latest News1st of February 2018

Wedges and orthoses - good or bad for Knee arthritis?

The effect of shoe-worn insoles on biomechanical variables in people with medial knee osteoarthritis has been studied extensively. The majority of research has focused specifically on the effect of lateral wedge insoles at the knee. But does it have an effect, how large is the effect, and is it systematic? Read on..

Latest News29th of January 2018

Once more Platelet Rich Plasma fails to stack up to scrutiny.

Another fail for PRP. The promising biological rationale, the positive preclinical findings, and the successful early clinical experience of PRP injections are not confirmed by the recent high-level RCTs.

Latest News29th of January 2018

Some great stuff over my desk this morning!

Some terrific new papers over my desk this morning.. here is a little sample of some I really have enjoyed!

Articles25th of January 2018

Gait retraining: The New Minimalism?

"The best way to avoid running injuries is to learn how to do it all over again". This is a recent banner headline published in an article espousing gait retraining. One could be in danger of thinking this is the answer to running injuries, and, it is important to understand that gait retraining is NOT the same as learning how to "run all over again".. read on..

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Articles25th of January 2018

New infographic: Biomechanics is dead!

So.. everything you always thought you knew, everything you relied on, has suddenly been declared dead! What are we going to do? This new iinfographic may help ease the pain.. enjoy!

Articles24th of January 2018

Foot biomechanics is dead..

Professor Chris Nestor is no shrinking violet when it comes to saying what he thinks. And what he thinks OFTEN upsets people, because it OFTEN does not fit in with what they have been taught or think. This is a good thing! His latest blog is highly provocative, but a must for any student of lower limb biomechanics.. read on..

Latest News18th of January 2018

ACL and meniscal injuries increase the risk of total knee replacement for osteoarthritis

This study demonstrates that ACLi is associated with a sevenfold increased odds of TKR resulting from OA. Meniscal injury is associated with a 15-fold increase odds of TKR for OA.

Latest News18th of January 2018

A logical explanation for Tibialis Posterior injury?

Cause and effecct for injury to the tendon of tibialis posterior may be as simple as strain development with STJ pronation according to a new paper just published.

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