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Latest News5th of December 2017

The relationship between lower limb musculoskeletal stiffness and injury.

Lower limb injuries are prevalent in sports involving running, hopping and jumping. Musculoskeletal lower limb stiffness is a modifiable mechanical property that may be related to injury risk in athletes.

Latest News10th of November 2017

What are the complications of ESWT?

Little has been published about the complications and side effects of ESWT. There are indeed known complications that occurred for other indications during ESWT. For example, two cases of osteonecrosis in the humeral head after ESWT have been described after treating tendons of the shoulder. Is it safe?

Articles8th of November 2017

Gait Retraining From Rearfoot Strike to Forefoot Strike does not change Running Economy

No economic penalty to retraining from a rearfoot to forefoot strike pattern in this study, but gains in pain reduction for anterior knee pain, in keeping with what we would expect.

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Articles29th of September 2017

The most important infographic of all!

A new IG for your waiting room wall.. we should all have this front of mind.. all the time!

Articles27th of September 2017

75% of adolescents with patellofemoral pain are NOT better at 1 year.

This new paper reports that the results of treatment for patellofemoral pain in adolescents do not result in pain resolution at 1 year in 75% of the cohort. Time to rethink management strategies? This does not seem like a very satisfying metric at all!

Latest News26th of September 2017

Is ESWT effective for acute plantar fasciitis?

This new study suggests that the application of radial ESWT is more effective if applied early rather than waiting for the chronic stage of 6 months plus, as usually suggested. What's it all about?

Latest News25th of September 2017

Gait and the risk of femoral neck stress fracture

Stress fracture of the femoral neck is a relatively rare injury, accounting for somewhere between 0.6 and 12% of all stress fractures

Latest News14th of September 2017

A new paper sheds more light on the effects of forefoot running. My thoughts!

Luke Kelly's group at UQ has waded into the" forefoot striking is best" argument with an elegant study outlining its effect on the neuromechanical function of the foot.

Latest News13th of September 2017

What causes patellofemoral pain in women: proximal, distal or local changes?

The argument has raged in the past few years, should we look up for patellofemoral pain causes, or should we look down. Or.. should we just look at the patellofemoral joint? This new paper goes some way towards providing some answers.

Latest News11th of September 2017

Fatigue: biomechanical, performance and injury consequences

Fatigue has significant effects at a performance and biomechanical level. It may well be the smoking gun for injury in runners.

Articles7th of September 2017

The preferred motion path: Latest findings from Benno Nigg

Following closely with my concept of The Forward Transition Paradigm, this is the latest research looking at the effect of footwear on the way an athlete moves.

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