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Articles31st of May 2018

Metatarsophalangeal joint extension changes ultrasound measurements for plantar fascia thickness

Interesting new paper with important implications for measurement of plantar facial thickness.

Articles29th of May 2018

If you suddenly change your running shoe, adjust you training volume!

A new study throws a lot of stuff into the mix, but seems confusing in relation to results and conclusions. Especially since I have no idea how they classified the running shoes, or, what they were!

Articles25th of May 2018

Wow.. take a look at these injury numbers.. and.. the cost!!

Given the incidence of injury in this just-published paper looking at the military, and the astronomical cost, it might be better to disband the army!

Articles22nd of May 2018

The connection between mental health and plantar heel pain

It is worth keeping in mind that anxiety, stress, and depression can leave their mark on MSK injury. A new study investigates the role of mental health in the generation and prolonging of plantar heel pain.

Articles18th of May 2018

Relative Energy deficiency syndrome - 2018 update from the IOC

The artist formerly known as The Female Athlete Triad was rebranded in 2014 as.. relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome or RED-S. The rationale behind this was quite simple.. it was not only female athletes who were at risk

Articles14th of May 2018

Why we MUST monitor youth and adolescent physical activity!

Cam morphology is a strong risk factor for the development of hip pain and osteoarthritis. It is increasingly thought to develop in association with intense physical activity during youth; however, the aetiology remains uncertain. This excellent new study characterises the effect of physical activity on morphological hip development during adolescence.

Articles26th of April 2018

Am I aching more? Is it Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency is probably more common than once suspected. It’s tough to get enough from food alone, and many people don’t get enough from sun either. Paul Ingraham at Pain Science has just written an interesting blog on the topic..

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Articles19th of April 2018

The role of imaging in tibial stress injury.

Stress fractures are frequently encountered injuries in the discipline of sports medicine, accounting for between 1 and 20% of all visits to the sports medicine clinic. Tibial stress fractures account for half of all stress fractures and are especially common in athletes who are involved in repetitive impact sports that are often of high intensity. this paper looks imaging techniques and where they fit in. One major gap, but still a worthwhile read.

Articles8th of February 2018

Musculoskeletal injuries and Children. Important new information.

This just-released article provides some really important new information on the epidemiology of MSK injury in children.

Articles2nd of February 2018

KT tape settles lawsuit claim

Kinesio tape or KT tape was developed by a Japanese chiropractor more than 30 years ago. The adhesive strapping is designed to provide muscle and joint support without restricting movement. Fairly extravagant claims have historically been made for its efficacy, and great controversy continues to dog the product, with scant evidence it actually works.

Articles25th of January 2018

Gait retraining: The New Minimalism?

"The best way to avoid running injuries is to learn how to do it all over again". This is a recent banner headline published in an article espousing gait retraining. One could be in danger of thinking this is the answer to running injuries, and, it is important to understand that gait retraining is NOT the same as learning how to "run all over again".. read on..

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Articles25th of January 2018

New infographic: Biomechanics is dead!

So.. everything you always thought you knew, everything you relied on, has suddenly been declared dead! What are we going to do? This new iinfographic may help ease the pain.. enjoy!

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