Gait retraining: The New Minimalism?

Simon Bartold25th of January / blog / articles / is-gait-retraining-the-new-minimalism


Gait retaining is almost the new minimalism or "gotta be a forefoot striker".. it is everywhere, and magical powers are being attributed to it. And, more disturbingly, the punters appear to believe that gait retraining is all you need to be injury free.

Sound familiar?

A recent article is a great example of this.

With almost religious fervour, the author proclaims 

The best way to avoid running injuries is to learn how to do it all over again

And, with a photo caption saying

Save your money buying fancy footwear and instead learn how to actually run

you guys gotta know I am not going to be happy! It is a LOT more complex than that Laura Hill!

Now it is, for the most part a very sensible article, and features comments from Christian Barton, a cliniical and research physio from Melbourne.

Christian is an expert in the area, and his comments are more than reasonable.

The main concern I have is the potential for confusion over gait retraining, which is quite specificc and focused, and gait coaching, which is a different area of expertise altogether.

They undoubtably overlp, but there are also differences.

Gait retraining is unquestionably useful and an important clinical tool, however, just like every other treatment we have to hand, it is just one arrow in the quiver.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Gold