Why we MUST monitor youth and adolescent physical activity!

Simon Bartold14th of May 2018www.bartoldgold.com / blog / articles / why-we-must-monitor-youth-and-adolescent-physical-activity


Ever wondered what the effect of too much sport or physical activity may have on an immature and developing skeleton? 

I mean, it is not at all uncommon for adolescents to be playing school, club AND representative sport all at the same time. 

That.. is a big load on a growing skeleton..

Well, a new study just published in BJSM suggests that sporting activity during adolescence is

strongly associated with the development of cam morphology secondary to epiphyseal hypertrophy and extension with a dose-response relationship

The paper is open access and may be read in its entirety here. Have a look because I think it is quite important.

It is also a really good precis of the loads open physes are, and are not able to tolerate.

The paper concludes:

Intense sporting activity during adolescence is associated with cam morphology secondary to epiphyseal hypertrophy and extension along the anterosuperior femoral neck. Cam morphology is first evident as cartilaginous hypertrophy age 10 years. The pathogenesis of cam development currently remains insufficiently understood to recommend activity modification. The known cardiovascular and health benefits of exercise outweigh potentially adverse effects on hip development. However, males participating in high-level sports during adolescence are at particularly elevated risk of developing cam morphology and secondary hip pathology.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Gold