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Latest News8th of June 2018

The Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy Revision 2018 - essential reading

The updated guidelines for Achilles Pain, Stiffness, and Muscle Power Deficits: Midportion Achilles Tendinopathy Revision 2018 have just been published. A non negotiable must read for you all!

Latest News28th of May 2018

Surgery better than physio alone for shoulder pain

In a rare win for surgery vs conservative management, this new 10 year RCT favors the knife over physio!

Latest News28th of May 2018

Dynamic knee valgus - is it real, and is it a problem?

A nice new systematic review from Peter Malliaras's group, with first author Jack Dix sheds some light on this oft argued topic..

Latest News25th of May 2018

Risk classification of patients referred to secondary care for low back pain

This new study compared two screening tools, the STarT Back Screening Tool against the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire in a Norwegian sample of patients with low back pain referred for assessment. Interesting outcomes!

Latest News24th of May 2018

Does the hip joint load change as osteoarthritis progresses?

An interesting new study investigates changes in hip joint loads with progression of degenerative joint disease

Latest News10th of April 2018

I will be keeping an eye on this one!

This new pilot has implications for the management of many MSK injuries. Comparing rest, to corticosteroid infiltration and finally load management on a tendinopathic condition, it promises some interesting outcomes. Stay tuned, the write up is due soon!

Latest News9th of April 2018

More bad news for orthotic therapy?

Seems there has been quite a rush on literature recently questioning either the efficacy of orthotic therapy, or.. whether there are better, cheaper options. Is this another potential nail in the coffin?

Latest News26th of March 2018

Benno Nigg's research group defines 'Ride

So, whilst "ride" is embedded in the running footwear industry's vernacular, it has always been a somewhat fluffy term without any clear definition. My friend and mentor, the maestro of footwear biomechanics, Professor Benno Nigg has now set this straight.

Latest News21st of March 2018

A really important new tendon study!

This is excellent new information from Andy Cresswell's group at the University of Queensland!

Latest News27th of February 2018

Look up, look down, for the injury in the middle!

More evidence, if you needed it, of just how important it is to consider previous, even old injury as a contributor to new injury in a different location.

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Latest News11th of February 2018

Pronation.. there might be life in the old girl yet!

This is worth a read in the context of the current 'pronation is dead' debate!

Latest News1st of February 2018

Wedges and orthoses - good or bad for Knee arthritis?

The effect of shoe-worn insoles on biomechanical variables in people with medial knee osteoarthritis has been studied extensively. The majority of research has focused specifically on the effect of lateral wedge insoles at the knee. But does it have an effect, how large is the effect, and is it systematic? Read on..

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