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Bartold Gold is the Academy of Bartold Clinical, now regarded as the global reference for sports medical and athletic footwear resources online. Through a series of studio quality videos, meticulously researched discussion papers, powerpoint presentations and exams, Bartold Gold offers highly focused courses for your educational needs.

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Sophisticated and varied lessons that contain the most up to date information on sports medicine and biomechanics.



Every course and module has its own assortment of resources that you are free to download and use.



Earn your elite status with challenging, multiple choice exams that will test even the most seasoned practitioners. 


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Modelled as an online University Curriculum in Sports Medicine and Biomechanics, Bartold Gold will give you the edge you seek to improve you daily clinical skills and go beyond the competition. 

Musculoskeletal Injury
Studio quality videos, discussion papers, structured written lessons, downloadable resources and exams await you.
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