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Musculoskeletal Injury contains four modules, each with multiple lessons delivered via studio quality video, discussion papers, structured written lessons, downloadable resources and an exam. Module details below.

[ Level 1 ]
Module / Level 1

Plantar Heel Pain

A complex and often difficult condition to treat. This module will provide you with the most up to date, evidence-based, information available. Paradigms are changing rapidly as are treatment methods. To keep up with this rapidly changing environment, challenge yourself with this module.

245 Min7 Videos1 Tests
[ Level 2 ]
Module / Level 2

Achilles Tendon Pain

One of the most injured structures in sport, but are you confident that you are up to date with current concepts? Do you understand the concepts of load management, isometric vs eccentric rehab, and the role of orthoses? If not, this module is for you.

247 Min3 Videos1 Tests
[ Level 3 ]
Module / Level 3

Shin Pain

Shin splints? Compartment syndrome? Medial tibial stress syndrome or even tibial stress fracture? Are you absolutely confident you know how to examine, investigate, AND diagnose these very different causes of shin pain? This module provides you with all the current answers.

201 Min8 Videos1 Tests
[ Level 4 ]
Module / Level 4

Anterior Knee Pain

Treatment of anterior knee pain is amongst the most controversial topics in sports medicine. Gait retraining? Gluteal or core strengthening? Orthotic therapy? Do you know which one to apply and when? It is a minefield, but this module provides all the very latest clinical concepts.

226 Min5 Videos1 Tests

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