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Born from a desire to offer the very best online educational resources in the fields of Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine and Biomechanics on the web.

Already the gold standard in membership based educational websites, Bartold Clinical has set the bar. But, we recognised that there was a need to go deeper, to offer a different and completely new educational experience, to accelerate clinical learning and skills.

That experience is Bartold Gold!

Bartold Gold is 100% focussed on your educational needs

Have you ever struggled to find a course or seminar that is focussed on what you really need? Are you tired of paying thousands to expand your clinical knowledge and meet CPD guidelines only to discover that just 10 percent of what you're learning is actually relevant to your needs?

Many of us would like to extend our tertiary education and enroll in specialist Diploma or even Masters programs - there is something deeply satisfying about having one's learning tested and examined - and even more satisfying to have that piece of paper at the end of the day.

But, the frustration of a lack of focus on what really can be applied to your clinical practice on a day to day basis is all too real. By the time we add up the cost of being away from the practice, course fees, travel, and accommodation - for many - the numbers simply do not add up.

And what about all the time you spend upskilling your staff? If you spend only 3 - 4 hours a week with your professional staff making sure they are up to date and represent your practice in the manner fitting, you could end up spending tens of thousands per year.

A unique resource, a unique opportunity

So, what if I told you that you can now access the most sophisticated learning platform in your field available. You can choose exactly what you want to learn and when you want to learn it, all from the comfort of your home or office space.

You can choose to be examined on what you have learned, and, if you achieve the necessary pass rate, you will be certified by Bartold Gold and become a member of Bartold Gold Elite, a status you can share as a practice qualification and branding tool.

Get started today by enroling in our first course. Complete with 4 modules, each one offers a variety of learning experiences from studio quality videos, to powerpoint presentations, discussion papers and published research. We are so confident that you will love Bartold Gold, we offer a 100% guaranteed money back policy should you not be completely satisfied.

Bartold Gold, a new gold standard in online education. Become a FREE member today.

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